File Menu

The File menu offers the following commands:

New Index Creates a new index.
Open Index Opens an existing index.
Save Index Saves the current index in its original file.
Save Index As Saves the current index to a specified file name.
Print Prints the document being viewed.
Print Setup Selects a printer and printer connection.
Edit Edit the selected file with the default text editor
Launch Open the selected file in its associated application
Copy To ... Copy highlighted files in file list to new location
Run Command With ... Runs a supplied command on each selected file in the file list.
File List - Export Export the file list as a tab delimited file
File List - Print Prints the file list
File List - Copy Copies the file list to the clip board
Preferences Set the default editor and zip file temporary directory
1,2,3,...n Open previous index files
Exit Exits Wilbur.

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