23- Bootleg Glades

The steep tight trees on the lower side of Trespass Trail are yet another place at Fernie that should be skipped if conditions aren't good. They range from what appears to be nearly vertical half pipes with telephone poles to steep dense forest. The half pipe chutes seem to get stripped of snow almost immediately by boarders (given the slope it might only take one), but some of the other more open areas to the right stand up much better and can be a blast, although they are rather short.

As you continue down Trespass Trail towards Diamond Back, the openings disappear, but at least with very good snow cover it is still possible to ski down through the trees. These are however very steep and tight so quick turns and a taste for bark are definite requirements.


At the top of the glades.


An untracked open area - mmm!


Just below the top on the skier's right, but not yet in the tight trees.

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