17 - Diamond Back

Diamond Back is a mogul run down the ridge that separates Timber from Currie bowl. It is similar in many ways to the Decline, Sky Dive, Stag Leap trio, but it isn't as steep except for a short bit just before it changes to blue. Also in recent years it has started to be groomed fairly often.

The best access is off of Trespass Trail, making for an excellent route out of Currie Bowl. You can also get to it from the Summer Trail cat track off coming out of Timber Bowl.

It is also possible to ski right down the ridge from White Pass (with a traverse below the Knot Chutes) to the very top of Diamond Back, which is a few turns above Trespass Trail. There can be some tricky bits though.

The bottom part of the run, below Currie Trail, is a broad intermediate run that is generally well groomed and can be accessed from the top of the Deer Chair. The hill encourages faster folks exiting Currie Bowl to use this in preference to zooming by the beginners on Meadow.


Diamond Back from the Trespass Trail crossing. This saw some significant bull dozing in the summer of 2007, which created a narrow, but easier, often groomed route down.


Looking down from the top of the last steep pitch. The intermediate portion is visible at the lower left.

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