24 - Anaconda Glades

The Anaconda Glades are a set of steep tree chutes lower down on the South ridge of Currie bowl. You access them by traversing through Timber Bowl below the Knot Chutes. These suckers are steep and in places quite tight, so making sure the snow is good before jumping in would be an excellent idea. In the picture below these 'glades' are the treed slope in the center left.

In the right conditions though, this slope can be a blast if you like steep trees. They are fairly short, but again assuming the conditions are good, you can scoot off to the right down Trespass Trail and catch Bootleg Glades for an additional pump of adrenaline. :-)


Currie Bowl from the top of Anaconda Glades.


The Anaconda Glades are the treed area in the background of this shot taken from 1,2,3.


Farther down Anaconda can open up into a most delightful run, but first you have to get through the upper tree band.


Keeping to the left will pop you out into some nice chutes and is probably the easiest descent.

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